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July 23, 2010 / Chris Garcia


On the way home tonight I was thinking about sponges for some reason.

I think it was because my car is dirty and I wanted to wash it but I wanted to have someone else wash it because I don’t like washing my own car so sorry if you’re one of those who enjoy it I just don’t.

I digress.


A sponge does 2 things.

It soaks things up.

It lets things out.

The sponge will eventually reach a point of saturation that it can’t hold anymore and it has to be wrung out or else it won’t be able to soak anything up.

If the sponge holds onto the water that it’s held onto for a long time eventually that sponge will start to smell and grow mold.

It’s disgusting.

I feel like my brain and heart do this. I soak things up all the time. I love to read and listen to people that challenge me. Call me weird but I like to listen to sermons online. I like to listen to worship music in my spare time. I love to be around people that give out mercy and grace.

I just soak it up.

Over the last few years I’ve had opportunities to lead small groups and even preach about once a month at Meadowcrest . Every time that I preach or I lead a small group I’m getting wrung out a little bit.

Once that little bit comes out I have room to soak up more.

My question is when was the last time that you were wrung out? Are you constantly being a sponge that just soaks up information, love, grace and worship? The problem is that eventually you get full and you can’t soak up anymore.

You have to let some out.

On my way home tonight I got to thinking about what one of my teachers told me a few weeks ago. He told me that I have had people pouring their lives in to me since I was 13 years old (i.e. Luis Valdes, Kurt Ausec, Jim Stern & a host of others). He said that it was time for me to start pouring myself into other people. Meaning that I needed to share the knowledge that I’ve been soaking up all these years. Wring myself out and let it pour into a group of guys around me. Let them do some soaking. So they can wring it out and pour into others.

You should wring yourself out into the other people around you. ¬†Sometimes being wrung out hurts. Just think about it, you take that sponge and you twist it and you smash it and pull it until there’s nothing left. But its at that point, when it’s all wrung out that it can start to soak up and get full again.

I guess what I’m saying is go get wrung out.

Be a sponge.


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