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November 27, 2012 / Chris Garcia

Meal Suggestion


Here is one of the meals that I regularly make.

6 oz. grilled chicken breast spiced with Garlic Herb Seasoning by McCormick

1 cup of Vegetables (pictured is the Fajita vegetable mix from Randall’s)

The chicken is grilled in bulk at the beginning of the week then I weight out the 6 oz. per container. I keep the vegetables frozen until the day I’m ready to eat them. This maximizes the freshness of the vegetables.

In the morning I pick out my containers of protein (in this case the grilled chicken) and add the cup of frozen vegetables. That way when I’m ready to eat all I have to do is microwave the meal.

If the meal is one of my first 3 of the day I will add a good carbohydrate such as two corn tortillas or two rice cakes.

Feel free to ask me questions and send in some recipes of your own for me to try. Together we can help each other.

Chris G.


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